Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hunt

It never fails. When people come here for our two-day wood fired artisan bread baking workshops, there are two predictable questions:

1. Where, oh where, can we find high quality bread and pizza making tools, plus fine ingredients, at prices that aren't outrageous and with shipping charges that won't break us?

2. After using your knives, pepper and salt mills, we think it's just not fair that gear like that is so incredibly expensive. Is there a way out?

We spent far too much time and money on both dilemmas until we searched out two very fine sources.

For bread and pizza gear, you can't beat Frankie Giovanni's on-line store. Visit him at and enjoy the savings. His pizza peels, for example, are made by the world leader in Tuscany.

For the world's best knives, mills and all sorts of other high quality kitchen items, visit Paul's Finest at . Exceptional gear is always pricey, but Paul keeps the prices in line.

It would be a courtesy, of course, if you mentioned how you found out about these two great sources.


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  1. Great post Jim I see things are coming along nicely! See you at the restaurant. Tell Wendy I have some mash potatoes for her:)