Monday, August 24, 2009

Pizza Wedding

Jo-Anne and her friend, Jane, came here for our bread workshop last year. One thing led to another, and Jo-Anne and her husband, Jeff, decided to purchase a pre-assembled Italian pizza oven through our Pizza Builders service. The oven arrived in two pieces: a steel stand and the oven itself. They had the gazebo built and the facade treatment added to the outside of the oven. Last weekend, just one week after the gazebo was finished, they held their son's wedding outside at their country property on the Otonabee River near Peterborough, Ontario. We were invited to cater the pizza portion of the event, so the day before we made up sixty pizza dough balls and transferred them to the site in large coolers.

Many of the guests had never tasted genuine wood fired Neapolitan style pizza before. The three different types we offered went down to rave reviews. The servers ferried from the gazebo to the large marquee time and time again. It almost seemed like a race to see who could sample the most pizza slices. Many thanks to Jo-Anne and Jeff, and, of course, to the pizza team: Wendy, Kate and Margaret, for working like troopers.

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